What is the meaning of summer season and what lessons can we learn?


When summer solstice hits June 21st, the sun is at its height. The warmth and light help us to nourish and grow the plants in our garden.

Just like the sun, we have our own inner light. The radiance feeds our hopes and dreams. What dreams do you want to bring to life?

Summer is a time of high activity from working long hours, plans, projects and adventures. There’s a saying, “work hard and play hard” that’s a good definition of summer.

It’s important that we balance that intense bustle with rest and relaxation. Reading a good book, napping under a tree or spending time near water can help rejuvenate our spirit.

Author Melissa Woods Blog Summer Solstice Lessons To Learn

Dreams and goals are like fruit, they ripen on the vines exactly when they’re ready. Be patient and let go. Trusting that all your hard work will come to fruition. All your ideas and intentions will ripen when they’re ready…

June 21st, the day of summer solstice, the days have grown the longest. The sun has reached its peak and its phase is complete.

The sun is a great reminder of this wonderful cycle of growth, completion, and letting go.