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The most recent interview Melissa Woods did was with John Biethan, host of Alternative Health Tools podcast. Other interviews were with Dr. John Duffy, a highly sought-after clinical psychologist and Sara Fader, CEO and founder of Stigma Fighters. See the Podcast section below to listen to Melissa’s interviews. Spread the word by sharing and following Melissa’s podcasts.

Melissa Woods is a featured author. Her latest book was reviewed in Huffingtonpost. She also writes articles and her latest one was published in the popular magazines Women’s Health and Prevention. See the Highlights section below for more details.

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Listen to Melissa’s interview with John Biethan

Listen to Melissa’s interview with Sarah Fader, CEO and Founder of Stigma Fighters

Listen to Melissa’s interview with Dr. John Duffy

Listen to Melissa’s interview with Nicole Gabriel. Melissa discusses how to start your own healing process by recognizing some common symptoms of anxiety and methods that can keep you free of anti-anxiety medications.


Read Melissa’s article in popular magazines:
Women’s Health
Prevention Book Review: Getting Past Anxiety Article on “How to Deal with Performance Anxiety” Article on “Are We Women Predestined to have Anxiety?”

Melissa Woods Featured Author on Susan Noble’s Blog

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