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Happy Mother’s Day! Heal Your Mother Daughter Relationship

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday May 12th, as this day approaches have you thought of how you will honor your mom? Whether you are a daughter or son, this is the day to truly praise your mom.

When I was young, this day brought much stress for me because most of the messages written in the Mother’s Day cards didn’t reflect what I felt or experienced from my mom. There weren’t too many cards that just said, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

When I became a mother, Mother’s Day brought a new meaning to my heart and I found myself looking forward to celebrating the day. Over time, my relationship with my mother changed as well. I was able to forgive her for not being available for me as a child which opened up a new-found appreciation and respect for our relationship.

In my book, Chapter 7 opens up with Stella spending Mother’s Day with her mom Shirley and daughter Gabriella. A call from Stella’s sister Lynn brings up old wounds from childhood…

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We may carry unresolved grief, fear and disappointment towards our mothers long into our adult lives. When left unresolved, these wounds can manifest into the following problems:

  1. Low self-esteem that manifests itself as a core belief that “there’s something wrong with me.”
  1. Sabotaging yourself when you experience happiness or success.
  1. Playing small to be likable and accepted.
  1. Codependency in relationships.

Healing these wounds within will transform your life. You will be able to establish healthier relationships, take care of your needs and trust life more.

Happy Mother’s Day!