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Adrenal Fatigue

I never had back issues until 2007. I was sitting at my desk paying bills and suddenly my back froze-up. I dropped to my knees, slowly fell to the floor and couldn’t get up. I laid there for a while, but every time I moved an excruciating pain that was indescribable shot through my back. I finally called 911.

I was transported to the ER and after a long night of testing and muscle relaxers, I was released. They couldn’t find anything wrong and couldn’t explain why my back froze-up like it did.




Once my back was better, I scheduled an appointment with my Naturopathic doctor so she could have a look as to why my back reacted that way. After a lengthy questionnaire and discovering some of my symptoms were ongoing fatigue, muscle weakness, weight gain and depression, she recommended that we test my adrenals to see if anything was off balance. 

Once the tests were available, my doctor went over them with me, she said I had adrenal fatigue and my adrenals were operating at 50%. I had no idea what the Naturopath was talking about so she explained how the adrenals work and the important role they have on our health and wellness. Since the tests indicated my adrenals were in danger of not producing enough Cortisol, she prescribed Hydrocortisone which helps adrenocortical insufficiency.

I took the medication for two days and my anxiety got severally worse. I couldn’t take it anymore so my doctor recommended I buy the book, “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by James L. Wilson. Her suggestion was to follow it to a tee and apply all the lifestyle suggestions, diet and vitamins. 




I applied everything the book suggested the reader to do. Eating at certain times, what foods to eat and avoid and which vitamins to take in order to support the healing of the adrenals. 

I went back to my Naturopath 8 months later. She ordered the tests and according to the results, my adrenals were operating at 100%. 

I contribute this healing to my committed to feel better and the book which gave me insight to adrenal fatigue and how this condition impacts our physical, emotional and mental health.

I continually refer to Dr. James Wilson’s book when I have symptoms to remind me what lifestyle changes, foods and vitamins I need to incorporate daily to live my best life healthy, happy and whole.